QuickAPI lets you transform your data into a ready-to-use API. Or plug your own API and let us do the distribution.

Get your API key

<aside> 💡 For this documentation, we’re going to use the demo project at https://demo.quickapi.io Replace it with the API you want to use.


To start, you need to get an API key from your user dashboard.

  1. Create an account
  2. Subscribe to a plan (the demo has a free plan)
  3. Copy your API key

QuickAPI exposes two types of endpoints, GET and ALL, that you can use to query data or do any operations respectively.

Here’s what an endpoint looks like:


You can either:

<aside> 🔧 Suppose you don’t know how you can make HTTP requests. We suggest you use HTTPie, which is nice and simple.


HTTPie – API testing client that flows with you

GET endpoints